Friday, 17 April 2020

नीतिसारमवलम्ब्य कृतम् 
Muthalapuram Mohandas
-मुत्तलपुरं मोहन्दास्

प्रणम्य शैलजामाद्यम् आत्मविश्वासदायिनीं
नीतिसारं प्रवक्ष्यामि कोविदामयमुक्तये।।
Let me, at the outset, pay my due respects to Shailaja, who gives self confidence and then shall I describe the proper things to do in escaping the hardships rendered by Covid-19 the virus, in these days.

अपारे रोगसंसारे कोविदेकः प्रजापतिः
यथास्मै रोचते विश्वं तथेदं परिवर्तते।।
In this world of endless diseases Covid-19 is the undisputed emporer. This world has to change itself in accordance with its whims.

श्रूयतामद्य कर्तव्यं श्रृत्वा चैव समाचरेत्।
आत्मनः प्रतिकूलाणुं*  मा परेषु प्रसारयेत्।।
Listen to what is the proper things that should be done during this lockdown. It is important to translate these into deeds. Corana virus*  that you may have acquired should not be shared with others.

अपरीक्ष्य न कर्तव्या चिकित्सा स्वयमेव च।
कदाचित् भवति सन्देहः कोविदे ‘जलदोष’वत्।।
Don’t administer medicines to yourself, without proper diagnosis. Covid 19, through symptoms, may sometimes be misunderstood as Common Cold.

संसर्गेण हि सिद्ध्यन्ति कोरोणा तेन बाधितैः
नहि गुप्तस्य मर्त्यस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखेणुकाः।।
One contracts Corona only through close contact with another who already is affected. The virus can't just rush into the mouth of anybody wearing a mask.

किं कुलेन विशालेन विद्याभ्यासेन देहिनां
किं धनेन प्रतापेन कोरोणाणुरुपस्थिते।।
What use are family traditions, education, wealth and eminence in the wake of Corona?

मुखछदो* मुखे यस्य कोरोणा किं करिष्यति?
अस्थाने पतितोणुको स्वयमेवोपशाम्यति।।
What can a virus do to one who wears a *mask? Germs reaching wrong places perish gradually.

अवश्यमनुभोक्तव्यो कष्टकाल* इहागतः।
नास्ति गत्यन्तरं ह्यद्य कोरोणाणुविनाशनात्।।
We have to endure the hardships due to the current *Lock Down, as we have no other option except eliminating the Corona Virus.

धान्यपोषणशीलत्वं वत्सपोषः स्वयंकृषी
पित्रोस्सेवनमुत्तमं कोरोणामयकालिकम्।।
The good things that one can do during confinement to one’s home,  during the Lock Down include agricultural activities like growing crops and vegetables, caring for children and nursing parents etc.

सर्वकारो विजानाति जनोद्बोधनकष्टताम्।
नहि मूर्खा विजानन्ति कोरोणाणुकवैभवम्।।
Only those in the Government know the difficulty in building awareness among the public. Alas, many of the block-headed do not comprehend how fierce this virus situation actually is.

आरण्यरुदितं जातं सर्वकारप्रबोधनम्।
लीयते च जनारावे रक्षकाणां प्ररोदनम्।।
The forebodings of the Government becomes mere cries in the wild. The imploring of the police too are wasted in the public noise.

अनाच्छाद्य मुखं स्वस्य हसन्तं वा भषन्तं वा
ज्वरकफबाधितश्चेत् दूरतः परिवर्जयेत्।।
Those who laugh aloud, cough or sneeze without covering the mouth and nose, as well as those who are suffering from cold and/or fever should (compulsorily) be isolated.

अर्थाः गृहे निवर्तन्ते श्मशाने पुत्रबान्धवाः
नूतनं वासमन्विष्य निवर्तेताशु कोविदः*।।
At the call of death, wealth deserts at home, relatives at the graveyard. The covid germ* leaves a dead body and seeks a living one.

माता पिता वा शत्रुस्स्यात् कोविदेन तु बाधितः।
सभामध्ये धरेत्तस्मात् मुखावरणमुत्तमम्।।
Once one contracts Corona, even parents will be like enemies.
So make it a practice to wear a good face mask when you meet others.

एकधा च दशधा शतधा च सहस्रधा च
रणे पार्थशरोवृष्टिस्तथा कोविदव्यापनम्।।
The Covid spreads like the arrows from Arjun’s bow. One initially, multiplies into ten, then into hundred in flight and thousand while reaching the target.

हर्ताल् कदा भवति? कारणमस्य किं वा?
मृत्तैलमूल्यमधिकं बत! जायते वा?
सामूहिकं सपदिकोविदव्यापनञ्च
जानाति नैव जगदीश कुतो मनुष्यः?
The hike in petrol prices, outset of a hartal and its causes cannot be predicted. Similarly when Corona turning into pandemic proportions is not known
to the Almighty. What to say then about man’s helplessness!

शकटं पञ्चहस्तेषु दशहस्तेषु वाजिनं
गजं हस्तसहस्रेषु कोरोणां दूरतस्त्यजेत्।
One should keep oneself away by five palm length from vehicle, ten lengths from horse, thousand from elephant. The distance should be even greater from Covid-affected.

मानवस्य लघुतामुदाहरन्
राष्ट्रदुर्मदमपि च संहरन्।
कोविदस्य च समीक्ष्य ताण्डवं
ज्ञायतेह विधिरेव शक्तिमान्।।
Observing the way the virus is running riot, proving that  man is insignificant and suppressing the rudeness of the monopolies of the superpowers, feel after all destiny is omnipotent.

रूपयौवनसम्पन्ने विशालकुलसंभवे
विद्वज्जने च मूढे वा कोविदस्य नहि भेदः।
Covid-19 makes no partiality among the wise and foolish, elegant and ugly,  elite, lowly, young and old.

सिंहादेकं बकादेकं शिक्षेच्चत्वारि कुक्कुटात्
वायसात् पञ्च शिक्षेच्च शतं कोविदसद्गुरोः।
We have to learn a lesson each from lion and stork, four from chicken , five from crow and hundreds from this eminent teacher called Covid 19.

अनित्यानि शरीराणि वैभवं नैव शाश्वतं
नित्यः सन्निहितो मृत्युः प्रलयकोविदादिभिः।
The body is destructible. One’s skills are perishable. The only sure and eternal thing is death, which is so close to all. It can come through Covid infection or deluge etc..

परोपि हितवान् बन्धुः बन्धुरप्यहितः परः
कोविदे मूर्च्छिते राष्ट्रैर्ज्ञायतेदं सुभाषितम्।
If an other person, though enemy , acts according to what is good for us, he is indeed the best friend. Foe is one who does what is not suited. Many countries
realized the essence of this saying, when Covid 19 spread.

पुस्तकस्थापिता विद्या परदेशगतः पुत्रः
परहस्तगतं वित्तं किं कृते कोविदागते?
Once Covid strikes, what use is there of the wisdom only in books, a son in a far away country or one’s money that is in other’s possession!

मरणान्तानि वैराणि प्रणतान्ता हि कोपिता
याचितान्तञ्च गौरवम् एवं वदति कोविदः।
Covid says: With death ends all enmity, Anger dies with humility, Self respect when forced to beg. (We have seen how many “cleverer than thou’ attitude of many monopoly nations turning into humble request)

अग्निःशेषं ऋणःशेषं शत्रुशेषं कोरोणाणुं।
पुनः पुनः प्रवर्धेत तस्मात् शेषं न कारयेत्।
It is not prudent to leave alone fire, debt and Corona parasite; however miniscule they be. Such an error may result in uncontrolled growth.